the gap

I like to know what is happening at all times.

When my mom is on the phone, I always ask who she is talking to. She calls me nosey I call myself … well … nah she is right, I am nosey. Blame it on my anxiety or the fact that I was born in February (I reaaaallllyyy hope y’all got that reference) but I am not a fan of being unaware.

With God however, I do not get the satisfaction of knowing everything and I often wrestle with this.

Carrie Underwood famously sang for Jesus to take the wheel but being a believer, who really trusts God with everything, means that you shouldn’t have had the wheel in the first place.

Being a Christian is like getting into a car, buckling up and realizing that the dashboard is missing a GPS because God has the route memorized. When asking God about it, He may give you a vague answer or He may not answer at all.

This frustrates me but it intrigues me all at once. You see the gap between where you are now and the finished product is, often times, a lot bigger than we can comprehend. But that gap is closed with faith. We become believers by exercising faith in the Resurrection. But sometimes we get stagnant. We wholeheartedly believe the Jesus is alive and is seated at the right hand of the Father but doubt that He can work out miracles in our own lives. I think this is because we think that some of our issues are too small for God.

Newsflash… they aren’t. In Mark 11:22-26 (NIV) we see Jesus talking about faith but he breaks it down in a really unique way. Your faith can throw a mountain into the sea and you can receive whatever you ask for in prayer. Oh by the way, make sure you get your heart right with God and forgive those who hurt you.

What now? In order to close the gap between what I want and where I am now I have to forgive those that did me wrong? But God, You know what he did to me! You know what she said to me.

Scripture implies that it doesn’t matter. I gather that Jesus was showing us that being hung up over people’s faults will keep your faith so stale that even if you ask for what you want in prayer, that you won’t receive it because your faith is brittle and full of holes. It is not strong enough to hold the weight of your request.

Jesus said in Matthew 17:20 (NIV) that faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains.

So when I look at these two passages together, I feel like I have the formula for closing the gap.

My faith, even if it is as small as a mustard seed, + whatever I ask for in Jesus’ name + a heart that seeks to forgive those that I feel don’t deserve it = a bridge over the gap. God may not give me what I want at the exact time I want it, but in faith I am believing that I will see what I have asked for according to His proper time.

Building faith isn’t easy but God shows us that He doesn’t need a whole lot of it to make some changes in your life. Give Him all you have and see what happens! At that point, your faith should want to grow because you saw how God showed up and showed out. Maybe now you’re at faith the size of an apple seed and that is all you can muster at this point.

That is okay. God wants what you have so He can improve upon it. You know the old saying ‘Come as you are!’.

Yes, absolutely come as you are but trust God enough so that you don’t stay as you are.

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