life updates

Hi there!

It has been quite a while since I have updated the blog! I won’t lie to y’all… I needed a mental break. Between social justice and the pandemic, my brain has been in overdrive for months. So I made the tough decision to take a step back.

While I don’t get paid to do this, I feel that y’all deserve quality work! No one wants to read a blog riddled with spelling errors and stories that lack pertinent details.

So … what did y’all miss? A lot!

  • I have been celibate for ELEVEN months! This month marks the first anniversary of deciding to wait until I’m married to have sex again.
  • I got back into my art. I’ve always loved to express myself through art, but 2020 allowed me the free time to explore different techniques I’d always been curious about.
  • I have a boyfriend now. I am honestly still shocked, especially considering some of my older posts. I didn’t plan on this development, however I can’t help but feel that God had His hand all over us.
  • I start my MA program on 1/11! I’ll be obtaining my MA in Cybersecurity with a concentration in Cyberterrorism. I am SO excited.

A lot more has happened in my life, but I am most excited to share that Faithfully Resilient now has a podcast!! The Ocean of Me is officially live! I’ve had this idea for a week or so now but I wasn’t sure if it was the right decision. I am so happy that I went forward with this!

In the podcast, I plan to share audio versions of the blog posts, interviews, and personal stories about my own experiences with God. I hope that you’ll follow along for this new part of our journey.

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