But God

I have this habit of stopping myself before the word but is used in a sentence. I haven’t always done this.

After a particularly nasty argument with my older sister last year, we sat down to talk. We spoke for about three to four hours and cleared the air. I apologized to her because I knew I was wrong for my actions. I recall saying something along the lines of, “I am very sorry for speaking to you the way I did but, there are times when I feel like that is the only way to get your attention.”

She accepted my apology and then said something to me that I have not forgotten.

“Using ‘but’ like this negates everything before it. I know you mean your apology, so maybe try using another word. Or even stopping that sentence and starting another.”

My mind was blown. I apologized again without the word but and my apology sounded more like this, “I am very sorry for speaking to you the way I did. I want to express that when you speak to me this way it makes me feel like lashing out is the only acceptable response.”

Now I don’t remember if this is exactly how the conversation went but, I got the point. I stopped using but when apologizing or having a serious conversation. I started to think about how I spoke to people and how my words could affect the conversation.

The other day I was sitting in bed stressing about my finances when a simple phrase popped into my head. I began to talk to God about how I would pay for an unexpected bill when ‘but God’ popped into my head.

I froze because the conversation with my sister immediately came to mind. Saying but negates anything before it.

When God steps in, He negates anything before Him.

I have absolutely no reason to be stressed when my trust is 100% in Him. My job is to continue to work, save money and pay on what I can while He works everything else out in my favor.

Maybe you’re stressed about a bill. Maybe rent is due and you have no idea how you’ll pay it this month.

I’m asking you today to trust that God is going to come through for you. It may not look like what you’re expecting but God is never late.

Y’all know the song We’re Blessed by Fred Hammond? The song is amazing. Full stop. Toward the end of the song he says ‘late in the midnight hour God’s gonna turn it around it’s gonna work in your favor’.

Y’all hear that? It is going to work in your favor!! God always has your best interest at heart. You don’t have to understand what is going on just know God is working on your behalf.

I challenge you to lay it down at His feet. Your shoulders are not big enough to carry the stress that you’re holding onto. Jesus’ shoulders are though. They can carry my stress, my struggles, my burdens, my defeats and yours.

I know how hard it can be to let it go. Sometimes I feel like life makes more sense when stress is around. Stress has become my constant friend. It is always there when I eat the entire bag of chips or when I twirl my hair. Maybe you stop eating when you get stressed. Or you turn to weed or alcohol.

Imagine a life where your only constant is the joy you find in trusting God.

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