healing has never been linear

This post won’t be super long. Please note I briefly mention sui*ide.

I want to talk about how anxiety makes your life harder than it needs to be.

If you have anxiety, you already know this. But if you don’t, I want to open your eyes just a bit.

Lately, my brain has been convincing me that literally everyone is sick of me. My brain has been using logical reasons to do the convincing.

“They haven’t called you back, you’re annoying.”

“You did a post about someone else’s sui*ide, you’re an attention seeker.” (If you follow the Instagram, that’s exactly why I deleted the post I did to honor a girl who took her life)

“I’m not sure why you keep flirting, he’s obviously not into you because you aren’t getting anything from him.”

And I have had a really really hard time escaping the foolishness in my own head.

My therapist reminded me recently that healing is not, nor will it ever be, linear. It’s not a tram ride up the mountain. It’s a constant cycle of up and down.

I thought taking time off Instagram would help me to address my anxieties but what I’m realizing is expressing them is the only way I can actually address them. Keeping them in only gives the broken parts of my brain an opportunity to stay broken.

The Bible says in James 5:16 (paraphrase) that there is healing in confession of sins. I feel God letting me know that there is healing in confession as a whole.

Keeping this in has made me feel like my mind is my enemy! When I know that God never intended for that.

So I’m being bold and sharing for a few reasons.

1. I feel led by God. Which is a bit annoying for me (hey I’ll be honest) because I planned on taking a longer break from the blog.

2. Because I know someone else has experienced this and I want them to experience freedom as well.

This is a bit longer than I intended but clearly this all needed to be said.

I hope y’all have a blessed and marvelous day.


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