faithfully single

Happy April!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful month so far!

I have a short but wonderful update for you.

This morning when my alarm went off I hit snooze… as I normally do. When the snooze when off, I rolled over to the very center of my bed and began my morning prayer. I pray about a lot in the mornings, so I was just staring at my ceiling talking to my Daddy.

In the middle of my prayer, I realized that I wouldn’t always have this alone time with God. That realization helped me to see that I am truly content in my singleness.

As God prepares me for this next season of life, it is my constant prayer that I just always desire to stay close to Him. It is my prayer that I never exchange the consistency of His love for that of a man.

One day the middle of my bed will be occupied by my husband or a toddler. One day my early mornings will be a little chaotic as I start the day for my household. Some days I may not want to actually get out of bed because I want to snuggle with my husband a little longer.

Those days are coming but for now, I am content with just me and God.

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