letting go of my idols

I originally started this post in February of 2020, right when Love Is Blind first aired. Then I let it sit in my drafts for two years because I was never really sure how to formulate my thoughts. Unless you're like me and avoided social media or Netflix for the past few weeks (or in… Continue reading letting go of my idols

clearing out the house

Like most of my posts, I’m admitting a lot of things. This is actually one of the hardest posts I've written in a while because I'm purging some deeply internalized things. I recently found out that another friend is moving into a stage of life that I so desperately desire. I'm actually so happy for… Continue reading clearing out the house

why I’m done dating for the time being

A few weeks ago I got dumped (for the second time in a year). You know what makes it worse? We were never official. He was just a man that I really liked and we slept together enough times for me to confuse lust with feelings deeper than like. Today we had a long conversation… Continue reading why I’m done dating for the time being

an open letter to Jonny and Mali

Dear Jonny and Mali, I can’t thank y’all enough for using your platform to push accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccine. As the live stream continued, y’all shared your own experiences about your hesitancy to get the vaccine, the feeling of standing in line and being oddly comforted by the amount of people you saw,… Continue reading an open letter to Jonny and Mali

Something to cheer about…

Today was a special day. It actually has nothing to do with the Inauguration!  Don't get me wrong now, I 100% cried when I saw Kamala Harris officially become the Vice President, but that is not why today was a special day. One year ago today, I made a decision to wait until marriage to… Continue reading Something to cheer about…

love those who hate you

I started this post about 5 times before I walked away from it. My heart is so heavy that it took me about a week to even actually come back to this post. Emmett Till should have lived to see the first black President. Trayvon Martin should have graduated with a degree in aviation. Tamir… Continue reading love those who hate you